“CHRYSALIS": a state of transition which results in a new form or rebirth

The idea of calling this collection “CHRYSALIS” comes from the idea of us emerging from a self-imposed cocoon of hard work and realisation of what we wanted to bring out this season and how we wanted to reform as a company.

While our interviews and editorials have been the backbone of our transformation we knew the reconstruction of our design process was key to all of this.

This season we take inspiration from a wide range of influences; from Early 20th Century Dadaism, to European brutalism, to post modernist Tokyo.

Our love of fashion and design has always been our enduring message; for people who love clothes by people who love clothes.

OTOKO SS21 - "CHRYSALIS" is available on our online store April 30th 2021. All support is appreciated and we want to thank you for our continued growth.