Introducing Luca Reuben

We Teamed up with High Fashion Talk for a special series of "introducings" to help shine a light on some of the members of there team. This interview is with Luca Reuben and he can be found on instagram @lucareuben

I’m Luca, a 17 year old fashion design student and admin of the Facebook group High Fashion Talk. It’s hard for me to answer ‘who I am’, it’s still something I’m figuring out. It’s been hard to place myself inside a societal norm, I’ve only recently realised that that’s alright through the indirect help of the extremely passionate members of HFT.



My dedication has always lied in fashion. I realised this around the age of 10 when my older brother got into reselling streetwear and rare sneaker drops. I would go to these ‘drops’ to record and document them through the naive and excited mind of a 10-14 year old. The love and acceptance, along with the hardships I faced has melded my resolve.

I’m fully committed to becoming a fashion designer and incorporating this into my love for videography to create unique fashion films. Whilst my industry knowledge may not be up to standard with my peers I have nothing but admiration for all the work they do and hope to surpass any expectations.

Dont forget to follow HFT on instagram @HTFgroup and on Facebook as High Fashion Talk.

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